Ministry Endorsements

Ministry Endorsement  from Randy Clark

Randy Clark

I have known Will Hart since November 2001 when he became one of my interns. I chose him to be in intern upon the recommendation of one of my associates, Bob Bradbury who God used to birth a great revival in Paraguay. Bob told me that Will needed to be with me, that “almost everyone he prays for in Paraguay is being healed.”

Will served me faithfully for three years as an intern. He has a servant’s heart. He is full of faith, has experienced more by the time he was 25 than many ministers will experience in their whole life times. I asked him to lead a trip for me to help Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique. The Bakers were so impressed with Will and his wife Musy that they asked me if I would release Will and Musy to come and help them in Mozambique. I did. And, Rolland and Heidi told me how impressed they were with them. Will and Musy served the Bakers faithfully for three years.

Will has the heart of an evangelist, a special burden for orphans, and faith for the ministry of impartation. This gift of impartation makes him truly on of my spiritual sons, since this is the major call on my life – impartation.

Will also has a lot of wisdom as well as a good knowledge base from his training. My interns not only learn how to move with the Holy Spirit, but are required to read in the areas of revival history, church history, theology, gifts and graces, biography of revivalists, apologetics for revival, and the Bible, including biblical hermeneutics.

In addition to gaining knowledge and growing in the anointing, Will has also gained much wisdom by serving Bob Bradbury, myself and Rolland and Heidi Baker. In these relationships he has seen the challenges of maintaining a healthy family life while serving in ministry, he has seen the challenges of the relationship between evangelists and pastors, and has learned to love and respect the office of the pastor, which is very important for an evangelist.

I consider Will a true spiritual son of mine, one in whom I am well pleased, and proud of his heart for God. I have great respect for Will. He has gone into one of the most dangerous areas of the world and preached the gospel in the Republic of Congo risking his life to do so. He preached boldly to militia just before they were going into battle.

If you want someone who can relate to any age audience, full of the Holy Spirit, seasoned, with powerful testimonies of what he has seen and experienced while serving with Bob Bradbury, myself and Rolland and Heidi Baker, and who has not only a powerful anointing, but also passion and most importantly integrity of character. Then Will is the man you’re looking for. Most importantly, Will has a love for people and our triune God.



Ministry Endorsement from Bill Johnson